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Connect to any server running OpenVPN in fast and secure way
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Viscosity is a client that allows you to connect to any server running OpenVPN. In this respect, it has the same advantages of using any VPN service, like concealing your real location as well as bypassing geo-restrictions and ISP rules. The program can be set to start automatically and remain hidden in the System Tray.

Its interface is characterized by various tabs, and, if you follow their order, it works like a wizard for setting new connections. Although the developers offer their own VPN service, it is great that the tool supports creating new connections from scratch. In such case, you need to enter the remote server address, port and connection method. Likewise, it is necessary to select the type of authentication. Luckily, there is a way to configure networking, for instance, by sending all traffic or just IPv4 or IPv6 traffic over the VPN connection. Similarly, if it is necessary, you can connect through proxies and run specific scripts. However, if you feel your skills are not enough to do this manually, you can still create a new connection from a configuration file or a given server.

It is good that Viscosity helps you configure browser settings in such a way that it guarantees your anonymity. Besides, it does not keep any logs of your connections. Since it supports OpenVPN, it also uses strong encryption protocols to prevent your data from being intercepted by third parties. Yet, it is a shame that it does not seem to include a kill switch, which would constitute an additional measure to prevent data leaks.

All in all, Viscosity has the advantage of allowing to use your own OpenVPN connections. Likewise, it inherits many of the advantages of this protocol. However, its interface is not as minimalistic as those of other VPN clients. Although it can bypass geographical restrictions, it does not seem to allow accessing such streaming services as Netflix. The product is free to try for 30 days.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports defining your own OpenVPN connections
  • Keychain and System Proxy Integration
  • Allows saving multiple setups
  • Uses strong encryption algorithms
  • Allows setting networking rules


  • Cannot unblock Netflix or other streaming services
  • Does not include a kill switch
  • Not as easy to use as other VPN-specific clients
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